3.1 Tables of Integrals

In this lesson, you will learn how to use tables of integrals.

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn the organization of tables of integrals and recognize the patterns used to group integrands.
  • Develop algebraic strategies to re-write given integrals in a form that corresponds to integral table forms and evaluate the integrals using the table.

Lesson Content

View all of the following instructional videos. These will help you master the objectives for this module.

  1. YouTube video: Integral Using Table and Substitution
  2. YouTube video: Calculus: Integration Tables


Lesson Readings

The following required readings cover the content for this module. As you go through each reading, pay close attention to the content that will help you learn the objectives for this module.

  1. Using Integral Tables
  2. Using Integral Tables

Lesson Practice Exercises/Activities

Make your way through each of the practice exercises. This is where you will take what you have learned from the lesson content and lesson readings and apply it by solving practice problems.

Strategy for Integration (including exercises with answers and solutions)

Additional Resources

Below are additional resources that help reinforce the content for this module.

  1. Table of Integrals – basic forms, integrals of rational functions, integrals with logarithms, integrals with exponentials, integrals with trigonometric functions, products of trigonometric functions and monomials, integrals of hyperbolic functions, products of trigonometric functions and exponentials
  2. Section 7.5: Strategies for Integration