3.2 Line Integrals

Lesson Objectives

Evaluate scalar line integrals in one-, two-, and three-dimensions, become familiar with different forms of line integrals of vectors fields and their uses, and explore some applications of line integrals, specifically work integrals and circulation and flux of velocity fields.

Lesson Content

  1. Line Integrals (JMT)
  2. Line Integrals in Two Dimensions (MathisPower)
  3. Line Integrals in Three Dimensions (MathisPower)
  4. Flow Integrals & Circulation (Tisdell)
  5. Line Integrals & Flux (Tisdell)

Lesson Readings

  1. Line Integrals with Respect to Arc Length
  2. Line Integrals with Respect to Variables
  3. Line Integrals of Vector Fields
  4. Line Integrals of Vector Fields and Work Integrals
  5. Line Integrals (LTCC)

Lesson Practice Exercises/Activities

  1. Problems with Solutions (Harvard)
  2. Line Integral Problems with Solutions (Washington)
  3. Explanation and Problems with Solutions (Whitman)