3.3 Conservative Vector Fields

Lesson Objectives

Determine whether or not a vector field is conservative, find the respective potential function of vector fields, and explore properties of conservative vector fields.

Lesson Content

  1. Conservative Vector Fields (JMT)
  2. Finding a Potential for a Conservative Vector Field (JMT)
  3. Conservative Fields and Independence of Path(Saumier)

Lesson Readings

  1. Paul’s Online Math Notes: Conservative Vector Fields and Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals
  2. Line Integrals and Conservative Vector Fields(Harvard)
  3. Conservative Vector Fields (MathInsight)
  4. How to Determine if a Vector Field is Conservative (MathInsight)
  5. Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals (Harvard)

Lesson Practice Exercises/Activities

  1. Detailed Example of Finding a Potential Function (Wisconsin)
  2. Fundamental theorem of Line Integrals and Practice Problems with Solutions (Whitman)
  3. Practice Problems (Harvard)