1.1 Double Integrals over Rectangular Regions

Lesson Objectives

Extend the concept of integration to multivariable functions in rectangular regions. Set up and evaluate double integrals on rectangular regions

Lesson Content

In addition to reading Chapter 15.1, watch the following videos.

  1. Double Integrals Over Rectangles
  2. Double Integrals and Volume

    Notes for the above video.

  3. Average Value

Lesson Readings

In addition to your textbook, the following readings provide additional learning resources to help you master the objectives for this section.

  1. Double Integrals (Paul’s Online MathNotes)
  2. Iterated Integrals (Paul’s Online Math Notes
  3. Double Integrals Over Rectangular Regions (mhhe-hoffmann)
  4. Tips on setting up double integrals, with practice problems
  5. Fubini’s Theorem

Lesson Practice Exercises/Activities

If you need additional help on this section, you should review these.

  1. Part 1 of Introduction to Double Integration Over Rectangular Regions (Princeton University – Adrian Banner via OpenCourseWare | 24min36s) Note to the students:  The entire lecture video is about 2 hours, which covers multiples lessons.  This is only the first part of the video, which covers our Lesson 1.1.

    YouTube Video

  2. Here are worked examples
    1. These are good examples
    2. More examples

Additional Resources

MyMathLab Homework 1.1.