P4 Part 2 (Special Factoring

Required Lecture Videos

If you need to print the notes to fill out and follow along, here they are.

Here‘s an optional worksheet for practicing difference of squares problems.

And here’s a worksheet.

Finally here’s a worksheet of various things to factor so you can try all of the techniques we’ve learned in this section and the previous one.

Optional Supplemental Videos

First we covered dealing with the special case of trinomials where the power of the first time was twice the power of the second, and the third term was a constant. Here’s a video going over that.

Then we covered a method of factoring two-term polynomials where the polynomial was the difference of squares. Here’s a video about how to recognize and factor the difference of squares.

We next covered the special case of factoring perfect square trinomials. Here’s a video of another instructor covering that.

If you need more practice with these, here’s a worksheet. Note, it’s easy to do these if it’s the special case of a perfect square trinomal, but the hard part is recognizing that this is the situation. So this worksheet might be misleading. Remember, the headless man is the way to generally factor trinomials of any form.

Next we covered a technique for factoring two term polynomials that are the difference or sum of cubes. Here’s Khan covering that: