4.1 Surface Integrals

Lesson Objectives

Extend our knowledge of curves to be able to integrate a function or vector field over a surface.

Lesson Content

  1. Evaluating a Surface Integral (JMT)
  2. Surface Integrals and Vector Fields (Tisdell)
  3. Surface Integral of a Vector Field (Part 1 & 2) (MathisPower)

Lesson Readings

  1. Paul’s Online Math Notes: Surface IntegralsSurface Integrals of Vector Fields
  2. Surface Integral of a Scalar Function (MathInsight)
  3. Surface Integral of a Vector Field (MathInsight)

Lesson Practice Exercises/Activities

  1. Explanation, Examples, and Problems with Solutions (Whitman)
  2. Problems and Solutions (Harvard)
  3. Examples with Solutions (CalTech)
  4. Vector Field Examples (MathInsight)