2.2 Triple Integrals in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates

In this lesson, you will learn to evaluate triple integrals in cylindrical and spherical coordiates.

Lesson Objectives

Set up and evaluate integrals in cylindrical and spherical coordinates and become comfortable with switching coordinate systems.

Lesson Content

  1. Introduction to Spherical Coordinates (Math is Power)
  2. Spherical Coordinates (JMT)
  3. Cylindrical Coordinates (Marchese)
  4. Cylindrical Coordinates (Math is Power)
  5. Spherical Coordinates (Marchese)
  6. Spherical Coordinates (Math is Power)

Lesson Readings

  1. Triple Integrals in Cylindrical Coordinates (Paul’s Online Math Notes)

  2. Triple Integrals in Spherical Coordinates (lamar)

Lesson Practice Exercises/Activities

  1. Worked Examples with Explanations (Harvard)
  2. Worked Examples and Problems with Solutions (Whitman)
  3. Practice Problems with Solutions (UCDavis)