3.3 Indeterminate Forms and LʻHospitalʻs Rule

In this lesson, you will learn about Indeterminate Forms and L’Hospital’s Rule.

Lesson Objectives

  • Identify and classify indeterminate forms.
  • Use L’Hospital’s Rule to evaluate limits involving the indeterminate forms or .
  • Algebraically manipulate other indeterminate forms to allow the use of L’Hospital’s Rule when evaluating limits.

Lesson Content

View all of the following instructional videos. These will help you master the objectives for this module.

  1. YouTube videos: L’Hopital’s Rule Introduction:

    Example 1:

    Example 2:

    Example 3:

  2. YouTube video: L’Hospital’s Rule – Indeterminate Differences, Indeterminate Products, Indeterminate Powers, Indeterminate Quotients

Lesson Readings

The following required readings cover the content for this module. As you go through each reading, pay close attention to the content that will help you learn the objectives for this module.

  1. Section 7.8 (Indeterminate Forms and L’Hospital’s Rule) – How to show work for a L’Hospital’s Rule question, What forms does L’Hospital’s Rule work for?
  2. 8.7 More Intermediate Forms

Lesson Practice Exercises/Activities

  1. Indeterminate Forms and L’Hospital’s Rule (6 problems with answers)

Additional Resources

Below are additional resources that help reinforce the content for this module.

  1. YouTube video: Lecture 35: Indeterminate forms – L’Hospital’s Rule
  2. Understanding Indeterminate Forms
  3. Section 4.4: Indeterminate Forms and L’Hospital Rule
  4. L’Hopital’s Rule
  5. Indeterminate Forms and L’Hopital’s Rule